New Gear, Enumerated

One of the fun perks of working at Automattic is that they spare no expense getting their employees the right gear to do their job AND give them an allowance to get their home office squared away. I thought I would share my setup like others have.

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(Sorry I have two number 9′s.)

1. Moleskine Evernote Notebook
2. Ikea HÅRTE LED work lamp
3. daskeyboard Model S Professional For Mac
4. Maple UpDesk Series II (60 inch)
5. Apple Magic Trackpad
6. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB
7. Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX
8. Plugable USB3 HUB – 7 Port
9a. Tripp-Lite Isobar Surge Suppressor with 6 outlets
9b. Apple Thunderbolt Display
10. Apple 15″ MBP (fully loaded)

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11. M-Audio AV40 (Review from The Wirecutter)

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12. Steelcase Leap Chair (Review from The Wirecutter)

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13. Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo
14. Apple VESA Mounting Kit
15. Bretford Accessory Clamp for MobilePro Desk Mounts

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my setup. I realize my cable “situation” would drive some people insane. Luckily, I am not one of those people. :-)

Oh, and if you are interested in democratizing publishing and making the web awesome, consider working with us.

New Computer, Old Apps

So as a matter of course when starting a new job, I will be receiving a new computer. I’ve always told myself that apps need to “earn their way on to my laptop” — in other words I only install them at the exact time I need them. No cruft. No unused apps.

Well, as it turns out I seem to always install a core set of apps. So instead of fighting it, I’m going to accept it and install them immediately. Here is my essential list of apps for the Mac:

Chrome is assumed to be the default browser.

Development Related






Whew, this sure looks like a lot of apps. Upon reviewing the list I can say I use most of them weekly if not daily.



Lots of changes for me the past two weeks. The most important of which was this:

As a new Automattician, I would be remiss if I did not spin up and maintain a couple of my own blogs. Over the past 10 years I often started blogs however they fizzled out after a few months because my interest waned. Now I am committed to push through the mental roadblocks that kept me from continuing those previous efforts. Here are the two I am going to start with:

  • (this blog) is going to be a dumping ground for anything that strikes my fancy. That will most likely include topics such as software development, mobility, Android, iOS, baseball, and anything else worth commenting on.
  • is going to be my effort to be more creative — I will be capturing and posting a picture a day indefinitely (more or less). Subject matter will be anything and everything.

I look forward to my new adventures at Automattic.