Just sayin

Eons ago, when I was playing baseball, we would have to run laps if we were screwing around with a bat near/in the dugout.

Ryan Braun hits Jean Segura with bat in dugout – SBNation

Just sayin.

New Computer, Old Apps

So as a matter of course when starting a new job, I will be receiving a new computer. I’ve always told myself that apps need to “earn their way on to my laptop” — in other words I only install them at the exact time I need them. No cruft. No unused apps.

Well, as it turns out I seem to always install a core set of apps. So instead of fighting it, I’m going to accept it and install them immediately. Here is my essential list of apps for the Mac:

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Lots of changes for me the past two weeks. The most important of which was this:

As a new Automattician, I would be remiss if I did not spin up and maintain a couple of my own blogs. Over the past 10 years I often started blogs however they fizzled out after a few months because my interest waned. Now I am committed to push through the mental roadblocks that kept me from continuing those previous efforts. Here are the two I am going to start with:

  • bummyti.me (this blog) is going to be a dumping ground for anything that strikes my fancy. That will most likely include topics such as software development, mobility, Android, iOS, baseball, and anything else worth commenting on.
  • photobummy.com is going to be my effort to be more creative — I will be capturing and posting a picture a day indefinitely (more or less). Subject matter will be anything and everything.

I look forward to my new adventures at Automattic.